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Deep Church (Continued)

November 4, 2009
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I apologize for the lack of updates as I am completing some school work but I am FOR SURE going to outline Belcher’s book more and more soon! (I am almost done)

I just wanted to point people to this interview that Belcher did with Trevin Wax in response to a book reviewer from 9 Marks.  You know what?  I used to have some respect towards some of the 9 marks reviewers… but after seeing how much they make broad sweeps and generalizations about “emergent heretics” and their theology without really reading Belcher’s descriptions, I’m not sure much of that respect is there anymore.

Read up on the interview and what was said here:



Anyways, I hope people really ACTUALLY read this book because it outlines a lot of issues I’ve been pondering as well.  I don’t think Belcher is offering solutions to the church btw, but I do think he brings a lot to the discussion on an ecumenical level (however you choose to define ecumenical).  So whether, Baptist, Presbyterian, reformed, emerging/emergent, please read and summarize first before critiquing :p


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