Emerging from the Chinese Church

Desperate Hope In Hopeless Times | September 3, 2008

Tonight, I just want to blog quickly (before I pass out) about this situation in my past post about my presentation on Emerging CBC Christian culture has actually become a larger dialogue in my congregation than I have expected!

I JUST finished conversing with two past deacons/elders at my church who are currently part of my worship ministry and they were BOTH in full agreement about the need to move forward in our reaching out to the post-christian generation of our congregation.  We are going to start at a grassroots level in asking our young couples to start connecting to our young adult population…  my desperate hope is that we move forward and not just let the dialogue stay as a dialogue but become steps in the right direction.

We prayed after our conversation and I prayed ever so hard for humility to hear from the Spirit and not to be a man-driven endeavor…  I will continue to pray hard for eyes to be opened… for revival to come at the Spirit’s discretion!

Hope at last…


(even though I’m still not gonna bank on this totally, at least God has given me a breath of fresh air!)


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  1. understanding gained is a great 1st step; conversations change the world, especially when they mobilize action, people, resources, and prayer. all have to be in play

    Comment by djchuang — September 17, 2008 @ 2:02 am

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