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“Jumping the gun” in worship | May 27, 2008

Just a quick thought,

I was going through some of the worship course material I went through at Southern (SBTS) in Louisville and was going over notes from a sermon by Dr. Al Mohler, SB El Presidente himself.  Although I am not sure Mohler is the best authority on engaging culture biblically (I’m sure I’ll get crucified for that remark), I do appreciate some things he brought to my attention in the video sermon.

As a Worship Pastoral Intern at my church, there are many issues I’ve faced in helping our congregation become a worshiping body.  I think more and more I am convinced that the reasons we worship are either unclear or have been forgotten.  I hope that through good teaching, guiding, mentoring and leading there can be a change in that attitude especially in worship.

Dr. Mohler brings up three points I wanted to throw out:

1) We have to see ourselves as sinners

2) We have to see ourselves as sinners (Isaiah: “I am Undone…”) – Ref. Psalm 51

3) A display of redemption (which is a proclamation of the gospel)

Not that these three points sum up what worship is, but it was a big part of what I believe a Christian worldview to be.  I especially like that in the third point, Mohler makes it a point that he sees that in point 3, we JUMP TO QUICKLY to the understanding of the PARDONING of sin before we understand the PURPOSE OF THE PARDONING. I totally agree!  We can’t lose the form and understanding of worship and this worldview.  When we start off with only the notion of redemption and salvation, we slowly let pride creep in and the grace we have received will be taken for granted.

What does that mean for a Chinese Church culture in Toronto?

I think that means as worship leaders in the chinese church in Toronto, we need to recover our understanding of sin and repentance in the worship service.  If necessary, teach once in a while through song, or scripture this worldview.  Sinners in need of a Savior.  Keep at it!  To my Korean brethren “FIGHTING!”


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