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Good Friday In the Chinese Church

April 23, 2007

Sorry about the lateness in this post!  This entry is going to be a reflection on the Good Friday services I attended a few weeks ago.

So at 10am on Good Friday, I attended current chinese church’s Youth Service.  The time of worship was done in a contemporary style with the focus on singing praise to Jesus with the main “theme song” coming from Starfield’s “Son of God”.  The first part of the message of the morning was done in a dramatic dialogue based on three different perspectives on who Jesus was.  In the end, reflecting on Christ and the Cross was the gist of the message and I think the youth got the message.  One thing I realized in this service was that young people will always have a hard time sitting still and being disciplined to hear the word of God… ADD is pretty prevalent nowadays!  haha!  But I think the heart of the congregation that day was in the right place and you could see the effort that the leaders put into serving the congregation.  To help them remember the price Jesus paid on the cross was key.  I hope more and more that this group of brothers and sisters can grow in the ways of Jesus.

Later on that day, I went back to my home chinese church at night and they put on a Cantata choir presentation.  I was especially moved by this service as it was more liturgical in nature and because I haven’t sat in on a more “traditional” service.  The Cantata was a chinese composition sung in Mandarin and re-told the story of Jesus at the Cross and the Resurrection.  I honestly felt it has been a while since I’ve truly appreciated something from my chinese heritage that has been a blessing by touching my heart and reminding me of the REALITY of the Grace of God… in MANDARIN 😉  We did communion that night and went out for some food and fellowship with friends afterwards.

That night, I was reminded by God that He is still working the chinese church.  He is still sovereign, still gracious in love and still keeps me in awe and wonder.  Living in the Kingdom of Heaven which is already here but not yet, I hope the chinese church will learn of God’s redemptive plan for them AND for the rest of the world.

To God be the glory.


Chinese Church Good Friday Observations

April 6, 2007
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I’ve gone to my current Chinese Church’s Youth Good Friday service today at 10:00am and I will be going to a 2nd Good Friday Service at my home chinese church later at 7pm.  I will be blogging some of my observations when I get back tonight… not so much for criticism but about what’s going on in two Chinese Church’s at the moment in my context.

Blog you soon 😉