Emerging from the Chinese Church

Introduction | January 3, 2007

Well…  for starters I feel this blog was a long time coming.  As a 2nd Generation Canadian Born Chinese in a Post-Christian society, I have felt a longing to ask questions to the Chinese Church from my vantage point.  Granted, I think I could expand this blog to bringing up issues towards a constructive critique of the ASIAN church culture in general, but I think this is the best start for me.

For starters, I hope writing a constructive critique will be beneficial for the chinese church in Toronto especially, but will hopefully be of aid to anyone else who is reading this and can relate to my context.  What I do not want this blog to become is a long string of whining and complaining.  I think there are enough people who complain passively without acting.  I think we as Christ Followers need to yearn and pray for God’s will in our context and become the redeeming light that Christ calls us to be.

As a sociologist, I find myself in a unique situation to study and evaluate my culture’s behaviours and living patterns and ask the right questions to help us grow to become better disciples.  I’ve found entering dialogue has been a better means of helping the church than just throwing biblical principles for change.  I believe the Bible is our best source for change, don’t get me wrong, but I think we need to read the word together, pray together, and act together.

As this blog evolves, my hope is that I can become more articulate and clear in my thoughts and questions on the chinese church in Toronto (and beyond).  Join me in this conversation if you have time 😉


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  1. i’m intrigued already! great start Shu!
    as a witness of a church split, I have not stopped pondering… to the point where at times I’m not proud of being Chinese or of my own people…
    Anyway, read Philippians (2:1-11) lately, and it seems to shed some light as to the way it should be.

    Comment by miyu — January 30, 2007 @ 4:41 am

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